“If one understands the word commodity to mean simply a ‘product’, an object which passes from one person to another, then the statement concerning the commodity’s inevitability is undoubtedly true, if also somewhat tautological. This is, however, the definition provided by all bourgeois political economy since Marx. If we do not wish to content ourselves with this definition, we must recognize in the commodity a specific form of human production, a social form which for only a few centuries—and in a good part of the world, for only a few decades—has become predominant in society. The commodity possesses a peculiar structure, and if we thoroughly analyze the most diverse phenomena, contemporary wars or the collapse of financial markets, the hydro-geological disasters of our time or the crisis of the nation-state, world hunger or changing gender relations, we will always find the structure of the commodity at the bottom of it all. I maintain that this is the consequence of the fact that society itself has reduced everything to a commodity; theory only takes account of this fact.” (Anselm Jappe. “The Metaphysical Subtleties Of The Commodity”)

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