“Last year the NYPD stopped 685,724 people, and while 87 percent of those subsequently frisked were either black or Latino, the odds of a person from that sample actually being found guilty of a crime was only 1-out-of-10, reports the American Civil Liberties Union […] As opposition becomes more and more rampant over the alleged racial profiling, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly have by-and-large defended the department’s policies. Last month Mayor Bloomberg claimed that the NYPD’s tactics, love them or hate them, shouldn’t prompt anyone involved to have to say they’re sorry because under his watch their initiatives have ended violent crimes. ‘Nobody should ask Ray Kelly to apologize – he’s not going to and neither am I – for saving 5,600 lives,’ insisted the mayor. When approached by reporters at a press conference weeks later with information confirming that the stop-and-frisks have not significantly caused a drop in crime, the mayor reportedly admitted, ‘I know that.'” (from RT)

Interestingly enough, from Wikipedia: “As of the end of 2010, 53% of the entire 34,526-member police force were white and 47% were minorities. Of 22,199 officers on patrol, 53% (11,717) were black, Latino, or Asian, and 47% (10,482) were white. Of 5,177 detectives, 2,953 were white and 2,224 were minorities. Of 4,639 sergeants, 2,841 were white and 1,798 were minorities. Of 1,742 lieutenants, 1,323 were white and 419 were minorities. Of 432 captains, 356 were white and 76 were minorities. Of 10 chiefs, 7 were white and 3 were minorities. In 2002, whites accounted for 60% of members in the rank of police officer. Between 2002 and 2010, the number of minorities in top-tier positions in the force increased by about 4.5%.’”

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